Hammett Real Estate is a real estate sales company.  We do not do any leasing.  All of our time is devoted to our customers, helping them either sale or purchase homes or land.
Hammett Real Estate specializes in land sales- but we offer residential home sales in town or in rural areas.
Our customers are our focus at Hammett Real Estate.  We will walk you through the process of purchasing your new dream home, find comparable sales, and assist you in making sure that it meets your needs.  All of our advertisements contain detailed information about the home with lots of pictures of the property. 
On rural land sales, we produce accurate tract maps, topographic maps, soils maps, and location maps for each tract.  The tract maps and timber stand maps are produced using aerial photography and utilizing a GIS mapping program. 
These maps, detailed tract information, and multiple pictures on each property are used in the advertisements so potential buyers can determine if this tract will fit their needs and devote the time to look at the tract for purchase.  This information is also crucial to other real estate agents, who are looking for real estate for their clients.  We do cooperate with any licensed real estate broker.  Our goal is to sell property and find property for sale for our clients as quickly as possible.
Advertising is done on the internet on the LandsofAmerica website as a Platinum Member (and it's related 575+ sites), which is #1 in rural real estate listings, on this site, Loopnet, and through a Multiple Listing Service.  Anyone with internet access will have access to listing information at all times.  We also send out new listing information to our real estate contacts. Home sales are also advertised on Realtor.com and Trulia.
Timberland can be sold by listing and advertising the property as stated above or by utilizing the timberland bid process.  If the timberland bid process is chosen by the seller, we prepare a timberland bid prospectus to be sent to hundreds of timber companies, private land buyers, and other investors.  A bid opening is conducted and bids are opened on a specific date and time.  The results of the bid are presented to the seller, so they can decide if and to whom they will sell their property.  This process can take considerably less time to sell timberland than through the normal listing and advertising process.  The seller always reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all bids provided results are below a predetermined sales price.


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