Land for Sale in Bowie, Camp, Cass, Franklin, Gregg, Harrison,
 Marion, Morris, Titus, Upshur, & Wood Counties, TX
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Tract Name                   Acres              Price              County         Land Type               Land Uses                        Location  
FM 2208-153                  153             $383,250          Cass              Native  Hardwood    Recreational                       Naples, TX      NEW LISTING
Marshall Leigh Road-72 72             $225,000          Harrison        Timberland              Residential, Recreation      Karnack, TX    NEW LISTING
CR 4318-40 Upshur     43.5             $160,000         Upshur           Hardwood                Recreation, Timber            Pittsburg, TX  
CR 2351-50                    50                 $94,750           Cass            Wooded                     Recreation, Timber            Marietta, TX    PRICE REDUCED 
CR 1891-42                    42.77            $94,094          Cass           Timber                         Recreation, Timber           Kildare, TX       
MC 3306-37                    37.5               $93,750         Marion        Timber                         Recreation, Timber            McLeod, TX      
FM 125-31                       31.517           $60,000        Cass            Wooded                      Recreation, Residential   McLeod, TX    NEW LISTING
CR 2737-29                     29.01             $53,650         Cass           Planted Pine              Timber, Recreation            Marietta, TX
CR 1568-25                      25+/-            $50,000        Cass             Wooded                      Recreation/ Residential   Linden, TX          
CR 1568-7                         7.5+/-          $22,500        Cass              Wooded                   Residential                           Linden, TX         
FM-995-6                           6.0               $38,000        Cass              Semi-Open              Residential                           Atlanta, TX          NEW LISTING
Wheat Survey-31            31                 $31,000        Cass              Wooded                  Recreational                         Naples, TX          NEW LISTING
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